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Every minute of every day, consumers are inundated with content from every channel demanding their attention. FDG offers consumers real value and genuine connection. With our experience in running social media and commitment to staying ahead of upcoming trends and new platforms, FDG develops social strategies across channels optimal for targeting the right audience.

At FDG, we develop responsive plans to execute social media strategies. We ensure a consistent, relevant brand voice and visual aesthetic for each of our clients. We leverage existing organic excitement about the company and product into a targeted social media push to expand the consumer base and increase brand loyalty.

In all areas of work, we are constantly looking for new trends and the latest technologies. Social is the same. We were one of the first industry voices to recognize the importance of Snapchat, a fast-growing social messaging platform that now has 100 million active daily users, with 2 billion Snaps sent each day. We execute for our clients around the best innovations.

We understand the importance of social data and analytics in optimizing the campaigns and the day-to-day presence of a brand. Social media provides a wealth of data around the brand’s audience, which we carefully monitor and learn from. We pay close attention to user interactions with the brand to adjust and optimize our social strategies in real time.