Fresh Digital Group saw a chance to make something useful for users and that would increase the general utility of the Apple Watch by designing an entertainment app for the device.


Fresh Digital Group designed a fun-to-play Apple Watch Game where the user is tasked with overcoming a bug invasion. Players tap on bombs to activate them and move them towards the bugs to blow them up. Users score and reach higher levels by blowing up as many bugs as possible. Given the nature of the Apple Watch, the app’s easy navigation is an essential feature we accomplished through a combination of screen touch and Digital Crown scroll navigation.


We have made the generally no-nonsense Apple Watch into a place where users can enjoy themselves and kill time just by looking at their wrist.The app is designed to increase engagement by giving vibrations to your wrist when you hit or miss. We have incorporated a social aspect to the app that allows users to share their high scores with friends and see who has reached the highest level. We have managed to provide a seamless pairing of the Apple Watch with users’ iPhones which displays large tutorials for first-time gamers.