The idea of a silent action has existed forever but what we at Fresh saw is a chance to improve the pencil and paper method of today by designing an app that will streamline the whole process.


The app we have created combines the functions of payment platform, educational resource, bidding system, and gallery guide all in one. Users are provided with information about all pieces and artist on display at the auction that allows them to make informed purchases. They can then save pieces and artists they like for later or share the pieces on social media. When it comes time to bid, the app handles everything for the gallery. Users set their maximum bid beforehand and then select pieces they would like to bid on. Once the bidding has closed and there is a winner, users pay for the piece through PayPal automatically. The whole process is simple in a way that benefits both the buyer and the seller.


We created a “white label” app that we can customize for the purposes of various galleries and other action hosts. This means we can create a personalized experience for users at any event that will fit seamlessly with the event not only visually but functionally as well.

We predict this app will increase auction attendance with the increased level of event awareness it will provide users.