Develop the experience in a very modular native form. Our goal is to be able to plug this into every major event app with ease. We will be able to swap out creative, brand sponsorship, gift bag contents, etc. from the back end and have the changes reflected in the app. The event itself will be able to sell in the sponsorship to major brand who want to give out these digital gift bags.


Fresh Digital Group developed an iOS application that works to connect event sponsors to attendees in a creative and efficient way. Upon entering the event’s code in the app, users can view, track, and like a selection of promoted gifts all throughout the event. Taking this one step further, users can sign-in and build a personalized gift list where they can review event gifts or send them to friends.

Users can save coupons they received from event sponsors to their profiles and redeem them at any date before expiration or donate them to friends or sponsored charities. Users can then earn more coupons and gifts by answering trivia questions on the app.


Our intelligent system tracks each visit, view and engagement, providing a detailed report for every event placement. We deliver ROI measurements that enable more efficient targeting as well as overall improved performance and engagement monitoring.