Juhee Chung
Interactive Designer

Juhee is our in-house Creative Graphic Designer from South Korea. She is a student at Korea Polytechnic University with a forthcoming degree in Industrial Design. With her experience in working as a UI/UX designer, she supports product development by delivering high quality visuals. She has a superior command of graphic media such as Rhino, Unigraphics and 3D Max, and is responsible for making wireframes and mockups, 3D Modeling, and creating rich media advertisements using the Celtra platform.

Juhee is dedicated to creating beautiful graphics but also likes to enjoy music and art in her leisure. Her loves include watching musicals and visiting art galleries and museums. She finds her home with us at FRSH, in New York City, because she intends to be at the center of art and culture as well as the hub of this fast-paced digital industry.

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