We design skills.
For fun & innovation.

Fresh Digital Group has been at the forefront of voice activated devices since the inception of Alexa (Amazon Echo) and Google Home. As an agency with expertise in designing and developing skills, we are listed as an experienced agency on the Alexa SDK. With a multitude of skills in the store, we strive to make the user experience more seamless and conversational.

Forgot to turn the lights
off downstairs?

One voice command takes care of that. Book travel. Feed your sneaker habit. Start and warm up your car on a snowy day. The possibilities are endless as this conversational platform evolves.

In the past year, we’ve built
skills to educate and entertain.

From help with homework to a live football score to keeping your kids entertained before dinner, we are constantly seeking out new ways to allow Alexa to help the user take meaningful actions in their daily lives with frictionless processes. We work with both brands and agencies to drive new channels of revenue with seamless customer-level interaction.

We’re such basketball fans, soon we’ll have every team.

Our first foray into sports.