We bridge the gap between technology and meaningful experiences for users.

We take problems and find innovative solutions across any and every vertical. Our multidisciplinary approach combines aesthetic and function to create some pretty cool stuff.


With over a dozen skills in the store,
there’s a lot to talk about.


Forgot to turn the lights off downstairs? One voice command takes care of that. Book travel. Feed your sneaker habit. Start and warm up your car on a snowy day. The possibilities are endless as this conversational platform evolves.

Fresh Digital Group has been at the forefront of voice activated devices since the inception of Alexa (Amazon Echo) and Google Home. As an agency with expertise in designing and developing skills, we are listed as an experienced agency on the Alexa SDK. With a multitude of skills in the store, we strive to make the user experience more seamless and conversational.

From help with homework to a live football score to keeping your kids entertained before dinner, we are constantly seeking out new ways to allow Alexa to help the user take meaningful actions in their daily lives with frictionless processes. We work with both brands and agencies to drive new channels of revenue with seamless customer-level interaction.



Fresh Digital Group expands its voice activated expertise into the world of Cortana.

Now you can be hands-free with any of your Windows 10 devices, along with a Harmon Kardon designed speaker.

We have honed some of our favorite skills to work seamlessly within all of your devices and will be releasing more every week.


Artificial Intelligence is starting to infuse every industry and every aspect of the way we live, consume and work. Conversational agents are becoming our virtual assistants, through voice and chat. At Fresh Digital Group, we are looking at every aspect of this technology to match it with the right human behavior. In doing so, we will be able to make people’s lives more efficient, and give brands a natural, seamless connection with their consumer.


Need something delivered? Just kidding, we aren’t worried about your groceries. We are more concerned with how to make every drone trip count and flight patterns efficient. This is empowered by the first-party data across markets drones are flying through.

Fresh Digital Group has patented the sending of push notifications through Drone and Beacon technology, allowing for interactions through real-time content that users crave. With the ability to program drones along specific flight patterns, we are able to easily collect first-party data across markets.


We think Beacons got a bad wrap. Pidgeon-hole into one tiny vertical. We say forget that. At Fresh Digital Group, we are combining our Fresh Beacon technology with drones, apple watches, and rich media solutions- enabling us to share information across all mobile networks in real time. We manage this from the web: communicate, engagement, profile rules, analytics, dashboard and fences.

Fresh software developer kits (SDKs) empower client applications with proximity beacons, geofencing, notifications, privacy, and profiling. Oh, and did we forget to mention that Fresh digital group is currently the only company that has a provisional patent application for combining these two technologies?


As the quick adoption of wearable technology becomes more mainstream, the Apple Watch continues to lead the way. This is especially true as the Apple Watch is refined and developed for everyday application.

At Fresh Digital Group, we’ve been utilizing this data correctly to improve brand/customer experience to foster brand loyalty. Savvy marketers will need to look at the Apple Watch as both a means of communicating with consumers and a source of consumer data to keep up.


Apple TV is the ultimate entertainment hub for all of your connected devices. In the past few years, Apple TV usage has seen a 110 percent growth. Our team of developers are building tvOS apps to take advantage of this expanding platform.


Virtual and augmented reality are mediums where powerful and creative ideas, integrated visual dialogues and new marketing opportunities can be explored. The ability to both inspire and interface with existing and potential consumers could represent the future of brand communication.

Our goal with virtual and augmented reality is to create captivating narratives and immersive experiences that initiate interaction between brands and consumers.
FRSH looks to push the boundaries of possibility, but just as importantly, we are helping to bring new developments in AR/VR.