Successful storytelling campaigns are designed with data drawn from every consumer interaction over paid, owned, or earned media. FDG provides optimal creative impact on all screen sizes and mobile platforms, enabling us to help our clients close the gaps between emotional aspects of the brand's category ideal and how the brand is seen by consumers. We have established working relationships with the world's leading brands in sectors ranging from consumer packaged goods, automotive to sports, and entertainment.

At the crossroads of technology and creativity, you'll find Fresh Digital Group - an agency populated by a special collection of big thinkers and skilled technologists born and bred for the digital age. We generate ideas and strategies from consumer insights that we amplify with our unparalleled mastery of true digital creative, intimate to the consumer experience in partnership with the brand.

When content is delivered in rich media it creates an even more alluring engagement opportunity, as well as more visibility to increase the campaign penetration. Fresh Digital Group is able to deliver maximum results generated through creative--artistic--digital design with interstitials as well as expandable and grow-able banners.


Good design isn't about devices or platforms any more than it is about fonts, colors, or pictures: it's about small details that evoke reactions. At Fresh Digital Group we design for people in the pursuit of a beautiful, simple, experience that simultaneously makes an impression and dissolves into the background. We appreciate the inseparable intimacy of user and interface, and embrace the link between "what it looks like" and "how it works”.

We help brands create content people love by using cutting-edge digital and social media content across a combination of channels such as mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat. We change the game for marketers by reshaping authentic relationships between brands and their audiences.