For the holiday season, FDG was tasked to design a mobile optimized site highlighted by high-end, disruptive and interactive creative that allowed the user to explore the brand to its full extent.


“FDG exceeded our expectations in their ability to quickly turn around great creative and design that drove incremental mobile sales above and beyond any previous benchmarks” - Adam Meshekow, Experienced Mobile Advertising and m-commerce lead at Toys"R"Us & Babies"R"Us.

• Facebook likes UP by 86% month-over-month
• Twitter followers UP by 63% month-over-month
• Pinterest likes UP by 100% month-over-month

Strategy, Development, Creative,
Social, Media


Uniquely positioned at the intersection of beauty and technology, Iluminage is a luxury brand that offers high-quality products to customers. They challenged FDG to redesign the website experience to make it more efficient and seamless to point of purchase. Their social media presence was confined to sporadic postings on Facebook, and the brand was not taking advantage of organic customer enthusiasm for the products.


FDG analyzed the brand and its competitive environment to develop a strategy to reflect the Iluminage’s brand. We are in development on a new website that will enhance the user experience and represent the brand aesthetic. We are incorporating and improving the clinical aspect of the site as well as the main eCommerce portion.
FRSH also developed and is executing a strategy to build the brand’s presence across social media platforms and engage with the target audience. We create high-quality, branded, aesthetically consistent images in addition to curating from existing content. By repeating patterns, re-posting followers’ content, and genuinely providing value, we have already organically increased the target audience’s size and engagement.


• New on-brand aesthetics
• A redesigned navigation for the best user experience
• An intuitive and responsive eCommerce system
• Easy-to-use CMS and administration dashboard
• Mobile responsiveness
• Social integration
• Seamless transition from previous site on dysfunctional platform
• Total redesign of clinical portion with vastly improved UX and functional integration with product

Social Media

• 70% average increase week over week for impressions on Facebook
• Facebook followers are 79% target audience compared to 13% average for brands on Facebook
• Use high-quality, crisp images that fit the brand and tell a story, building Iluminage as a lifestyle brand
• Received over 100 engagements in the first month of posting for the Iluminage Instagram page
• Regular analytics reports and responsive optimization of strategy


Rich Media

Two Rich Media Interstitials were created for the Porsche Macan. Users could interact with the ad unit to view the Macan in a different color, view the interior details, and share via social. Users can also interact with the headlight features and view them in different colors.
Tapping “Test drive” on any of the pages takes the user to a page on the Porsche site where they can enter their zip code to find the nearest dealer.

• Tablet
• Mobile

Creative, Social, Media


Started in 2009, ValueVapor watched their successful business shrink as new competitors gained popularity with more modern branding. ValueVapor’s word of mouth business approach was losing traction with an outdated website and lack of social media presence. It was being cut out of the industry it had helped pioneer.


FreshDigitalGroup developed and implemented a digital strategy including a full brand overhaul to reposition ValueVapor as a leader in the e-cigarette industry. We built a responsive, dynamic eCommerce website with cutting-edge systems and user-friendly navigation. FDG built ValueVapor’s brand presence on social media from scratch with no paid advertisements, using high-quality creative and informative content, as well as starting a highly successful newsletter that leveraged a previously unused email list to create high sales numbers on a regular basis.
Throughout the process, we carried out extensive research on industry competitors and the success of our campaigns. By analyzing demographics and conversions on the website, social media, and the newsletter, we implemented our insights to optimize our strategies.

• A redeveloped navigation and user friendly experience.
• An intuitive and responsive eCommerce system using the cutting edge systems that make the best sense for ValueVapor.
• A customized Magento Shopping Cart to support both B2C and B2B customers.
• Social integration.
• CMS and Administration Dashboard to allow admin to manage all content.
• Platform compatibility to make the website mobile responsive.

Social Media
• Increased total reach by 1682% per week and increased post reach by 883% per week.
• Engagement increased by 570% per week.
• Over 3,500 followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
• 17.7% open rate and 4.6% click rate in promotional newsletter, compared to industry averages of 10.9%
and 1.6.



Design a website that helps generate efficient analytical data for organizations offering disaster relief. The collected information is used to redirect and disperse funds to proper areas and organizations, offering relief through quick responses to natural disasters throughout the world.


FDG created the wire frames, UX/UI, design, in addition to developmental aspects of the website with proper placement of information and data for a much more efficient flow and user-friendly experience.

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