Fresh Digital Group has partnered with UNICEF on their UNICEF Kid Power project, which gives kids the power to get active and save lives. The Alexa Kid Power Skill enables kids and families to play a selection of active games that unlock UNICEF’s lifesaving food packets for malnourished children throughout the world. Having the opportunity to choose among games such as “Kid Power Says,” “Ultimate Trivia,” and “Choose Your Own Adventure” allows kids and families to take a fun, active, bonding and educational adventure all for a good mission.

UNICEF is known for protecting and fighting for the rights of kids worldwide, providing humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. UNICEF asked us to develop a skill that would both raise awareness of the UNICEF Kid Power platform whilst finding a way to get kids in the US to stay active daily. Thus, after working tirelessly for 2 months, our one-of-a-kind Alexa “Kid Power” skill was born; giving users the power to engage, become educated and get moving.

Our new “Kid Power” skill has three activity-filled and fun-filled games. Choose your own adventure features a toucan who leads you on a journey through the rainforest, overcoming obstacles on the way to rescue the toucan’s friend, Enzo, who is trapped in a tree on the other side. This game will get kids and families brains flowing and bodies moving across the US. Our “Kid Power says” feature will prompt kids to play a game not unlike the popular children’s game “Simon says,” giving kids commands where they must use their listening skills to complete. The “trivia” function will provide players with a wide array of questions about countries all over the world, teaching them more about the planet we live on and what we can do to make a positive change. If the user fails to correctly answer a trivia question she will assign an active exercise to complete. As each function of the skill is completed, users will collect points that will unlock lifesaving packets of food while developing a wide array of knowledge.

Providing kids with the ability to transform their daily activity into lifesaving nutrition that UNICEF delivers to severely malnourished children around the world is only one of the factors involved in the UNICEF Kid Power Band being named as one of the “Best Inventions” of 2016 by TIME magazine. Encouraging kids and families across the United States to join the Kid Power movement to get active and help save lives is an important initiative to both UNICEF and FRSH. The addition of an Alexa Skill shows UNICEF Kid Power’s commitment to innovation.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with UNICEF to develop this new Alexa skill. Using voice technology we have created a fun family experience that builds awareness, encourage kids to stay active, and ultimately saves lives,” said Doug Robinson, CEO & Founder of FRSH.

“Hundreds of thousands of kids are already getting active to save lives with the world’s first Wearable-for-Good - the UNICEF Kid Power Band. We’re thrilled to be working with the brilliant team at FRSH to introduce millions of kids and families to Kid Power with these new Alexa Skills. You can now help save lives without leaving your living room!” said Rajesh Anandan, co-creator of UNICEF Kid Power and SVP of UNICEF Ventures.

At the forefront of virtual assistant devices since the inception of Alexa, FRSH has been using its expertise to design and develop skills for both fun and innovation. Listed as an experienced agency on the Alexa SDK, FRSH has a multitude of skills in the store striving to make user experiences more seamless and conversational. Download our “Kid Power” skill on our page or the new skills page on Amazon along with 130+ other exciting skills from FRSH. Now that the Kid Power has launched, as of Monday, October 9th, it is time to get up, gather friends, family, and kids and get moving!