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We know the everything about mobile; more importantly, we also know how to use the right media for the right strategy. At Fresh, we help our clients leverage their brands' entire system of communications across paid, owned and earned channels to drive business growth.

Rich Media Development +

Rich media services enable clients to manage, traffic, serve and review campaigns across online displays, rich media, in-stream video, and search channels. We can ideate, develop, and manage media on any mobile ad creation platform. We inject ideas that spark traditional and new media plans with technology and innovation, and keep our clients one step ahead of the competition with the intelligence and support of our creative team seamlessly integrated into the planning process. We can apply mobile customer insights at the earliest stages of content development, thereby empowering our clients to deliver highly relevant and customized rich media solutions that will transform the overall mobile experience and of course increase ROI.


The evolution of digital means that the process of thinking globally and acting locally is now a tangible reality and is now set to explode with the emerging capabilities of mobile. At FDG, We have eyes and ears on practically every pixel, gathering data to determine media targets, track success, and present results. With our DSP partners, clients can set up and manage automated strategies to help facilitate intelligent buying across all major sources of real-time bidding inventory.

Programmatic Buying / Serving +

Paid, owned and earned communication strategies are revolutionizing businesses and marketing departments around the globe; with many leading marketers now throwing out their traditional marketing handbook and starting from scratch. If a program is to be truly successful, there needs to be a shared narrative across all media. Paid, earned, owned—if they are going to work well, they need to work together. Our industry-leading programmatic buying technologies serve ads to connected devices around the globe. We work across both RTB exchanges and premium inventory sources, and empower both self-serve and managed service capabilities.

Dynamic Creative Solutions +

The team at Fresh aim to cut through the digital jargon and bring you the tailored services that deliver actionable results through all digitally creative opportunities, encompassed within premier media planning and strategy.




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