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FreshDigitalGroup helps clients transform, evolve and take a significant step forward in how they engage and connect with our consumers. We have demonstrated an extensive track record of helping big brands make that shift, and achieve real results through powerful creative coupled with technology and a strong understanding of analytics.

Market Analysis +

We analyze data and demographics to uncover market insights, which we leverage into every business and marketing model. Our unparalleled understanding of the rapidly advancing mobile landscape, combined with our technical expertise and deep consumer and brand insights, allows us to serve the right product or service on the right device to reach your ideal audience with maximum impact.

Brand Engagement and Strategy +

Our team has over 20 years of experience uncovering ideas and insights and leveraging these to grow business value through rich digital experiences. At Fresh, we help our clients not rely on mass media to gain popularity but be products of the new multi-contextual digital environment in which utility, coupled with mastery of context, builds value in the long run.

Mobile Strategy Development +

We are a modern agency born from mobile. We focus on continuously pushing the limits of mobility to bring consumers and brands closer together. FDG builds cutting edge strategies right here in NYC, but our open source, agile, client-focused approach enables us to see beyond our own-in-house technologies to incorporate best-in-class vertical solutions from around the world.

Full-Service Mobile Marketing +

Our mobile-first focus allows for the development of campaigns that work seamlessly across all mobile platforms. We provide the technical excellence – front end and back – that allows creative and strategic elements to seamlessly work together and bring marketing vision to life. At Fresh, we combine technology, digital, consulting to enhance digital marketing, eCommerce, and social media in a measurable way and drive returns both on the back-end of technology and the front-end of creative.

Fresh Beacons +

Hyper-local targeting generates brand awareness, while resulting in maximum ROI. We believe marketers should ultimately focus on sending contextual messages at the right times that fit their brand positioning and attract the designated audience.Our in-house product FreshBeacons enable the delivery of highly relevant content in real time to users based upon their locations. Visit our FreshBeacon site here.

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