Bridging the gap between technology and meaningful experiences for users is what we are all about at FRSH; taking problems and finding innovative solutions across any and every vertical. Our multidisciplinary approach combines aesthetic and function to create some pretty cool stuff. A large part of effectively innovating in today’s constantly evolving tech world requires a vast understanding of chatbots. These bots are becoming increasingly important for businesses in order to thrive.

As the future of customer service and management, Chatbots have proven to be paramount in the partnership between technology and meaningful user experiences. The chat interface allows bots to converse and engage with users in a human-like interaction. The two categories of chatbots have select differences, making each one unique. Command based chatbots can answer a limited set of questions, requiring manual help for atypical questions, cannot perform functions outside its code, and use a template search or dynamic search in order to understand questions. AI-based chatbots can answer ambiguous questions, create replies from scratch, and become smarter with time, learning from previous questions/answers.



As we move closer and closer to a more connected and digital future, chatbots have proven to be the business solution. Chatbots keep customers engaged in meaningful business to business conversations. They enhance the knowledge base and develop a better product for clients, in addition to quicker and more accurate support service to customers, enhancing brand reputations. AI is starting to infuse every industry and every aspect of the way we live, consume and work. Conversational agents are becoming our virtual assistants, through voice and chat. We at FRSH are looking at every aspect of this technology to make it with the right human behavior. In doing so, we will be able to make people’s lives more efficient and give brands a natural, seamless connection with their consumer.

Moreso now than ever, developers can easily export chatbots into the Alexa Skills Kit if they have been created through the Amazon Lex framework. In other words, a chatbot developed on Lex can be turned into an Alexa skill for use on any Alexa-enabled device… which only further increases chatbot usage and competition. This clearly will speed up the skill development process for Amazon and will benefit their long-term success in the competitive AI market. Adoption of Amazon’s Alexa has massive growth potential, and it will clearly narrow the competition with rival voice assistants. This new export feature is really going to bridge the gap between voice and chatbots in a new and versatile way.

FRSH has been at the forefront of voice-activated devices since the inception of Alexa, listed as an experienced agency on the Alexa SDK. With a multitude of skills in the store, we strive to make the user experience more seamless and conversational. We work with both brands and agencies to drive new channels of revenue with seamless customer-level interaction. Our skills to educate and entertain allow Alexa to help users take meaningful actions in their daily lives with frictionless processes. The time for bots is now, especially with their increasingly easy development and export capabilities… so now we grow it bigger.