The objective of the ESPN US Open Mobile Hub was to create a dynamic, real-time second screen experience for fans following key matches of the US Open Tennis Tournament on their mobile phone or tablet. This included interactive elements like user’s brackets with full sharing integration and rich media elements like live streams of key matches.


As a seasoned mobile team, Fresh Digital Group recognized that the mobile web environment reaches the maximum number of users on the maximum number of devices. Therefore, we also recognized the importance of creating one experience that transfers to each screen with a consistent level of high quality. We created a platform that fits the specifications, requirements and needs of the ESPN US Open Mobile Web to ensure a unique, compelling user experience.


Built utilizing HTML5 and responsive web design to produce a fully functional backend, the app was equipped with a customized CMS to enable real-time product updates during broadcast times. This allowed for a rich experience, where the user was able to interact with predictive and historical trivia questions as well as utilize Twitter and Facebook to see what others were saying about the match. The user could also instantly jump into a conversation and tweet a response or comment to their Facebook wall.

  • Social Rewards
  • Live Trivia
  • Predictive Questioning
  • Leaderboard
  • Prize Incentives

• Tablet
• Mobile